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Lot #4 With Gazebo
Approximately .978 acres or 42601 Sq. Feet
Asking $45,000 U.S.

The lot has a small Gazebo built of concrete and reinforced steel. It sits on the highest part of the land and affords a fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean and The village of Calibishie.  There is a cistern holding approximately 1200 gallons of water as well as a secure storeroom for garden tools or what ever. There is a water pipe from the cistern connected to the house on lot #3. There is a neighbour’s house located on the south side of the lot.

The lot is accessible by a local/public farm road from Savanne Paille. The driveway along the upper edge of the lot is concrete. The lot has a steep incline.

There several varieties of tropical flowers and trees including sago palm, coconut, banana, coco, Guava, Avocado, Ginger Lily, Torch Ginger, Poinsettia, Croton, Haliconia, and more.

This lot can be purchased along with the adjoining lot which has a house/cottage on it.

Photos of the Gazebo
Photos of the land
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